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Sustenance For A Wild Woman food notes book
offset litho, hardcover
10 x 8"

Something completely different: a book that's been a side project for a few years and is finally complete. It's a collection of INNOVATIVE food-related notes on growing, harvesting, and prep methods I've evolved, combining a commitment to eat as much WILD and HOME-GROWN food as possible with an over-full life of unrelated passions and pursuits.

I've found that most homecooking-leaning-toward-homesteading advice and recipes presume a lifestyle centered around the kitchen. The techniques I want to share enable one to be doing non-kitchen things a whole lot more while increasing the deep nutrition.

Uncomplicated (except for the ultra-dark chocolate truffles), delicious food with lots of timesaving discoveries for the various stages of processing and cooking.

It's divided into chapters by color, an approach I've used for over 30 years to maintain a balanced diet without excessive thinking.

The signed books are hardcover on heavy weight paper, and self-published in a relatively small quantity. Postage is a lot these days. These two factors add up to make them $48 postpaid in the continental U.S. for the first copy, and only an additional $40 for any more you include in the same order to the same address. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the book.

Individual hand colored, signed, editioned prints -- that is, the other images under the book image, in this file, which are some of the art in the book - are $60 ea. ppd. If you're ordering a book at the same time, free shipping for the book too.

If that's confusing, or the website doesn't coordinate the combined discount, please contact me to arrange it.

Read excerpts from the book at my blog. Here is the first post about it, then scroll for many more.